What is My Car Worth?

Red car and moneyMany people wonder what their car is worth, especially when they start thinking about trading into a new one. In our service isle, we have a team member, Gary Marriott, who can tell you just that! Gary, a retired GM employee, specializes in giving customers their vehicles’ current value.

What is a vehicle appraisal? An evaluation of the value of your vehicle by taking into consideration the equipment and upgrades on your model, the mileage, and the total condition it is in. Comparable to the popular Kelly Blue Book, our vehicle appraisal software gives the most accurate and competitive price for your trade-in or vehicle resale value. However, our software goes a step further. Our vehicle appraisal software gives you the most accurate price for your vehicle and compares it to similar vehicles in your area, cars at other dealerships or auto auctions. This ensures the price that you are given is not only accurate, but also competitively priced for your area.

When can you have it appraised? A vehicle can be appraised anytime, but it is important to know the value of your car when your current lease is coming to a close, when your car is due for some expensive repairs, or you are simply just ready to upgrade! You may have more equity in your vehicle than you realize and it could be worth more than you owe!

Where can I get this appraisal? Our free vehicle appraisal center is located right in our service isle. You can pull in, no appointment necessary and run through the quick and easy process. An appraisal can be done while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced and enjoy some popcorn in our lounge.

How do I get my vehicle appraised? There is no catch to this process. Gary is not a sales person and there are no sales tactics or gimmicks to having your vehicle appraised. There are no forms to fill out, no credit evaluations or fees, just simply valuable information about your vehicle. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the possible equity of your vehicle with our resident expert before you bring it in, don’t hesitate to contact Gary and find out more! gmarriott@bowmanchevy.com or 248-625-3080.