What is the Difference Between Active and Passive Safety Features?

2019 Chevrolet Safety Features Rear Cross Traffic Alert
Today’s vehicles are packed with enhanced technology to keep you safe, offering extra layers of protection during your daily Clarkston commute. When comparing the differences between active vs. passive safety features, the biggest difference is when these unique systems come into play. In general, active safety features work to prevent accidents, while passive safety features activate during a collision to protect the driver and passengers.

Active Safety Features

Examples of active safety features include any systems that continuously work to keep your car stable and in control on the road. These features are active because they are always on, and alert you to potential danger without your having to activate them. The Chevrolet lineup includes a wide array of innovative active safety technology that works together to provide you with an extra set of eyes as you drive. You can find these systems actively working in the:

  • Brakes – with Front Pedestrian Braking and Forward Automatic Braking, your Chevrolet will detect possible incoming collisions, and automatically apply the brakes before impact
  • Cameras – see everything around you thanks to your high-definition Surround Vision camera and rear vision and mirror cameras
  • Alerts – never fall victim to a blind spot again with assists from Rear Cross Traffic Alerts, Lane Departure Warnings, Side Blind Zone Alert, and many more

Passive Safety Features

Should the unexpected happen, passive safety features come to the rescue by protecting you and your loved ones during an accident. These features are passive because they are only activated once a collision occurs. The best example of a passive safety feature is your airbag system, which triggers upon impact. Similarly, your seatbelts and the overall construction of your car play a role in keeping all passengers safe during a crash, minimizing the overall impact.

Stay Safe in a New Chevrolet

From the Malibu to the Traverse, the entire Chevrolet lineup was designed to keep everyone on the road safe and protected. If you’re shopping for a safe, reliable vehicle, visit Bowman Chevrolet today to experience all the active and passive safety features that will give you extra peace of mind when you’re behind the wheel. Contact us to get started!