Announcing General Motors Nieces and Nephews Program

Image courtesy of photostock at

Image courtesy of photostock at

The General Motors Vehicle Purchase Programs provide eligible Participants residing in the United States with the opportunity to purchase/lease new and unused GM vehicles at The Programs’ prices. Leasing arrangements can be made through any financial institution.

By purchasing a vehicle through The Programs, both the eligible GM Participant and the sponsored purchaser acknowledge the Rules and Guidelines attached below and agree to abide by them.

It is the responsibility of the Participant to know the rules of The Programs as set forth in the attached document and to make them known to their sponsored purchases.

If you have any questions please call the Bowman Chevrolet Showroom at (885) 564-4174 or stop by for a visit 6750 Dixie Hwy, Clarkston, MI 48346.

Download the brochure here: 4-4-13 Nieces and Nephews РProgram Rules