4d0f64602a1410058cfd10145edef087_440x0Our Service Department is great!   From the moment you drive into our Service Aisle, you will be welcomed with a smile and treated with respect!   Our Service Consultants have been on the job for over 22 years!   2nd and now 3rd generations of customers come through our doors.   Our technicians are ASE State and General Motors Certified, 100% each!   Since no one has time to wait around these days, we will get you a ride home or arrange for your transportation needs.   Our mechanics are experts in fixing your vehicle right the first time so that you don’t have to spend extra time with us, even though we’d love to share a cup of coffee with you.   Guess what, our prices meet or beat local competition.   We’ll bet you didn’t think that was true.   We do comparisons and we find that the other local, non-GM facilities charge you more to get out the door than what they advertise.   We will meet or beat those prices every time!   Come on in and see what we can do for you, while you’re here, grab a great cup of coffee!

13KTBZELTCH332Let’s talk Body Shop!   It’s no fun to wreck your vehicle, that’s for sure, but we are here to make it better and make it easier on you.   We have a state of the art facility with fully trained technicians who pride themselves on the finished product.   To these guys it’s like a piece of art.   They want you to drive carefully and watch the other guy or gal on the road so that you don’t mess up their beautiful work.   They also understand value.   They do this great work with your pocketbook in mind.   None of us wants you to pay any more than necessary to get your vehicle back in action.   We also offer you transportation options for while your vehicle is here with us!

Our Parts Department helps everyone!   Even if you come here for other business, chances are the Parts Department has helped you too!   They get the parts needed for the Service Department and Body Shop.   They get accessories for our New and Used Vehicle Departments and they are happy to sell you any parts that you may need over the counter.   These guys eat, sleep and breath parts.   They probably have dreams about the parts numbers they can rattle off.   They are here to help you should you need any part or accessory.

We KNOW you will prefer our way of doing business!   If you have a question about anything car related, please contact us.   We can help you navigate your next vehicle purchase, sale or fix-up.   WE WANT YOUR BUSINESS FOR LIFE!!!!!