Chevrolet Volt Owners Silence California Gas Pumps

LOS ANGELES – Electric vehicles, well known for silent driving, also are muting the ding of gas pumps. In less than three years, Chevrolet Volt owners in California have driven more than 130 million all-electric miles, avoiding use of an estimated 7 million gallons of gas – enough to mute gas pumps across the state for nearly eight hours.

ChevroletVolt-CaliforniaGraphic-mediumMore than 40 percent of Volt owners live in California, making the extended-range electric vehicle the top-selling plug-in electric vehicle in the Golden State.

“The Chevrolet Volt is America’s No. 1 selling plug-in with more than 50,000 owners driving electric while achieving fantastic performance numbers,” said Cristi Landy, Chevrolet Volt marketing director. “Volt owners have found the Volt is not only fun to drive, but it provides technology, performance and savings where consumers need it most.”

In total, Volt owners have driven more than 500 million miles with more than 320 million of those on grid electricity. Total savings: Almost 17 million gallons of gas.

Volt owners remain the most satisfied of any in the industry with the typical Volt owner averaging approximately 900 miles between gasoline fill ups to power the Volt’s on-board electric generator.

2013 Chevrolet VoltAs Volt’s reputation has spread, more than seven in 10 buyers have come from other makes and are new to the Chevrolet family. Not surprisingly, the Toyota Prius is the most frequent trade-in for a Volt.

The Chevrolet Volt provides gas-free driving for an EPA-estimated 38 miles (61 km), depending on terrain, driving techniques and temperature. The range-extending engine, gives the Volt up to 380 total miles (615 km) of total driving range.

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Plug Into Savings with the Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt is the ultimate in energy efficient driving. With an estimated 38 gas free miles and up to 380 miles on a full tank and full charge, this stylish, five star safety-rated vehicle will get you where you need to go without draining your bank account. Many people are confused as to how this vehicle works, or feel that they don’t have the ability to charge it and utilize it correctly. There are over 100 charging stations throughout metro Detroit and can help map out routes for you and show you where free charging stations are.

DTE Energy will also pay up to $2500 of the cost to install a charging system at your home, leaving the majority of Volt owners with a $0 cost to have this system installed and see only a slight increase of $20-$40 on their DTE bill. Chris White, a new Chevy Volt owner, recently traded in his 2013 Cadillac XTS Platinum for a 2013 Chevy Volt. Chris is very impressed with his savings with the Volt.

Chevy Volt, Bowman Chevrolte“The DTE installation was hassle-free and cost me nothing, and there was hardly an increase on our first bill after I began charging the Volt,” Chris says of his first month driving. In one month, Chris has spent $34 in gas, and feels that was only because he missed a day of charging. “If I had kept the car fully charged I don’t think I would have had to put any gas in it yet.” With the Chevy MyLink infotainment system, Chris can sync his phone and music and get all of the information he needs about his car right on the big touchscreen on the dashboard. Of his Volt experience, Chris states that “It is very comfortable to drive and was not as big of an adjustment as I thought it would be coming from a full power vehicle. It’s awesome to save so much money without having to cut back on my driving. I am completely satisfied.” If you are thinking about making the switch, come in and find out how easy it really is!