Buyer’s Guide: How to Find Used Pickup Trucks in Michigan

CHEVYBRND198If you’re looking for affordable pickup trucks in Michigan that don’t skimp on quality, then Bowman Chevy is the place to be. Not only do we offer an incredible new truck inventory that’s filled with some of the most popular models around, but we also have amazing service and finance departments to take care of your every auto need. If you’re still on the fence about your potential purchase, let us walk you through some of the reasons that our customers choose used pickups over any other vehicles on the lot.

Why Choose a Pickup Truck?

Pickup trucks are ideal for a place like Michigan. Whether you want a vehicle for outdoor adventures or heavy hauling, the pickup is a versatile and powerful choice. While trucks of the past were known more for practicality than luxury, the modern truck will surprise you with its sophistication! Here are some of our top reasons to try our used pickup trucks in Michigan:

  • Pickup trucks are perfect for any forecast. While your sedan may struggle through the winter blizzards, trucks won’t miss a beat. Opt for four-wheel drive to make the most of your truck’s power.
  • There are few vehicles that can compete with the towing and hauling power of a pickup. Pack the bed with equipment or add a trailer to carry huge cargo without a hassle.
  • Modern trucks are also equipped with the same advanced safety and high-tech conveniences of your typical SUV or sedan. You’ll get the best of both worlds!

Why Buy Used?

Now that you’ve settled on a pickup, why should you opt for a used model instead of a brand new truck? The choice is up to you, but used pickups offer an amazing value. These vehicles were built for the long haul, so even a truck with a few miles on the odometer will perform like a champ. Plus, you can get a dynamite deal. Not only is the sticker price lower than a new model, but insurance and registration fees are typically a bit cheaper as well.

Try a New Truck Today!

Bowman Chevy has the used pickup trucks that Michigan drivers want, so don’t miss out on your chance to find your perfect pickup! Contact us online for more information about our stock or set up your test drive today. We look forward to working with you!


How to Lease With Bad Credit

Key from car and the calculator on money.If you’re struggling with your credit situation, leasing instead of buying a car may be an appealing solution. But are you wondering how to lease with bad credit? It’s not going to be easy, but it’s often worth the effort because of leasing’s short terms and low monthly payments. Here’s how to begin:

Your Leasing Game Plan

Forget the idea of a luxury car and start looking at more affordable options, no matter what you think you can handle. Less expensive cars will have lower monthly payments and will be easier to finance. If you can be flexible with your timing, look for your new car at the end of the year when dealers are trying to move out their inventory. Go into the dealership prepared with a copy of your credit report. That way you avoid running multiple credit checks, which can ding your credit. Also, take proof of income that shows you can afford the new lease – several months of pay stubs that prove that you’ll be able to make payments.

Get Creative

If you’re having trouble getting approved for a lease, consider taking over an existing unfinished lease. You’ll still have to meet the original financing company’s credit requirements, but it will often be easier to qualify in this type of situation. You can also look at putting down a larger down payment or pre-paying several months of the lease in order to have an easier time qualifying for the loan. Or, if a family member with good credit is willing to co-sign your loan, you’ll easily get approved for financing. Just remember, that person is on the hook for the loan if you can’t make your payments.

Your Leasing Expert

If you have bad credit and want to lease a new or pre-owned vehicle, Bowman Chevy is your ultimate destination. We’re truly experts in coming up with the best financing solutions for each individual situation. Spend some time looking at our inventory and see what might work for you, and then contact us for a test drive. Our leasing team will spend all the time we need reviewing your credit and getting you into the right vehicle. Don’t wait to make this important decision! Contact us today!

Why Choose Chevy Certified Service at Bowman Chevy?

13KTBZELTCH332When your car needs a repair or routine maintenance, how do you decide where to go? Choosing Chevy Certified Service is one way to take all the headaches out of the process. With highly-trained professionals, Genuine GM parts, and value-oriented pricing, you’re assured that your car is getting the highest quality of care.

Professional, Factory-Trained Technicians

Our Chevy Certified Service team members are absolute experts on your Chevrolet vehicle. Consistent training keeps them abreast of all the most current information and technology advances, so they’re ready to face every challenge. From routine maintenance like oil changes and tire repairs, to collision bodywork and catastrophic engine problems, our service professionals are ready to diagnose and fix your car.

Value-Oriented Pricing

People often decide to go to the auto shop down the street because they think they’re going to get a better deal. You might be surprised to find out that Chevy Certified Service offers Everyday Value Pricing on many of the most common needs, including tires, brakes, oil changes, batteries, and more. So with the Certified Service team, you’re getting dependable, guaranteed service for competitive prices.

Local and Convenient

Because Chevy Certified Service centers are conveniently located at your local dealership, they’re easy to get to and stocked with Genuine GM parts manufactured specifically for your Chevy. Our technicians understand your vehicle, and as you build a service history with us, we’ll have records of your car’s history down to every last detail.

Online Resources

All the information you need about your vehicle is kept in the Chevrolet Owner Center online – owner’s manuals, warranty information, current recalls, how-to videos, and so much more. Tools for finding tires for your vehicle and auto maintenance frequently-asked-questions are easily accessed, so you’ll never be left in the dark about your car.

Bowman Chevy’s Top-Notch Service Team

Your Chevy Certified Service department at Bowman Chevy is ready to make your vehicle’s maintenance and repairs easy and stress-free. Our service team is the best of the best, with all the latest training and a high level of communication skills. If you’re located in Waterford, Lake Orion, or Oakland County, it’s easy to get to our Clarkston location. Stop in and take a look around our huge inventory while you’re there. We can always help with financing questions, too. Make a date with Bowman Chevy’s Certified Service. Contact us today!

OnStar 4G LTE

OnStarThere was a time when the notion of having internet inside one’s vehicle ranked right up there with the idea of flying cars—it was the stuff of science fiction. Those days are long gone now, however, and internet connectivity inside vehicles is becoming commonplace. Many Chevy models, for instance, are now equipped with wireless internet capabilities through OnStar 4G LTE.

Powered by OnStar

When an automobile is equipped with wireless internet through OnStar, accessing it as simple as turning on the vehicle. Once the car is on, the OnStar mobile hotspot is available and ready for use, and passengers inside the vehicle can connect their devices and begin using the Internet.

OnStar’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi offers a robust signal, which means those using the internet inside the vehicle can enjoy a fast and reliable connection. The problem of a mobile device’s battery running down due to producing a hotspot is a worry no more, since the OnStar hotspot is powered the vehicle rather than a phone or other wireless device.

Ultimate Safety and Convenience

The presence of OnStar’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability gives new meaning to the term “mobile office,” as it enables businesspeople to stay in touch on the go like never before. If you’re traveling and suddenly realize you forgot to turn in a report or reply to an important email, resolving the problem is now as easy as pulling over and firing up your laptop or tablet.

Other benefits are also available when you have OnStar onboard your vehicle, including the capability of SOS emergency services, navigation services, advanced vehicle diagnostics services, and more.

Experience the Power of OnStar

Drivers can explore an array of vehicles that come equipped with OnStar 4G LTE at Bowman Chevrolet. Stop by our showroom, located at 6750 Dixie Hwy. in Clarkston, or contact us today to learn more about OnStar services and the vehicles we have in stock that are equipped with this state-of-the-art technology. When you’ve identified the OnStar-equipped vehicles you’re interested in, a member of our team will be glad to answer all of your questions about those vehicles and then set you up on a test drive of each. Stop in and see us today!

Key Spark Plug Warning Signs to Remember

Spark PlugsIf you want to care for your car properly, it’s important to learn the spark plug warning signs to prevent bigger problems down the line. Our service department at Bowman Chevy can help you understand your vehicle better and fix any spark plug mishaps along the way. Keep reading to see if any of the following warning signs apply to your vehicle, and then come to our service center for a thorough inspection from our experts. You can also book your appointment with us online, available for use 24/7.

Engine Problems

If you feel the engine stumbling when you try to turn it on, then this is what is known as an “engine misfire.” This common spark plug malfunction is something that our service department can fix easily. Do not delay when it comes to this simple repair! Misfiring increases exhaust emissions, lowers your fuel economy average, and diminishes engine power. If the engine is having a hard time turning on at all, this could also be from spark plug deterioration. The best thing to do is talk to our experts to really pinpoint the issue.

Lessened Acceleration

When your vehicle has noticeably weaker acceleration, it is likely that it needs new spark plugs. A dead spark plug makes the engine think it is overworked, which hinders performance. This is another simple fix for our mechanics.

Heavy Fuel Usage

Are you noticing a change in fuel economy? Eroding spark plugs could be the culprit. Fuel doesn’t combust properly when the spark plugs are worn, since the plug electrodes may shift. Save your wallet from unnecessary trips to the gas station and visit our service department.

Hard Idling

Damaged or old spark plugs will make the car feel jittery. You will feel the car stutter harshly, even while completely stationary. Make sure to bring in your car when you begin to notice these warning signs. If you don’t replace the spark plugs, your engine will undergo even further damage that can be much more expensive.

Let Bowman Chevy Handle Spark Plugs

You deserve a vehicle that runs in pristine condition. Come visit our service department at Bowman Chevy today! We can detect and correct spark plug warning signs. We will also examine your vehicle for any other possible issues. Contact us online for any questions.