Our Favorite Things to Do in Clarkston

Clarkston is packed with great entertainment for the whole family. From golf courses to live music to ski resorts, this city has something for everyone. But, what are the best things to do in Clarkston during your next trip? The staff at Bowman Chevy is here to provide the best tips from locals, so you can enjoy everything that Clarkston is known for. Plan your visit today!

Outdoor Excitement

Michigan is full of stunning natural beauty in any season. If you want to take advantage of the gorgeous Michigan scenery, try some of these outdoor activities!

  • Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club is a great place to work on your swing. The rolling greens provide an unbelievable view as you play, and don’t miss out on the in-house restaurant!
  • Pine Knob Ski and Snowboard Resort is perfect for snow bunnies of all skill levels. Check out the website to view live webcams of the hill, so you can arrive when the powder is perfect.
  • DTE Energy Music Theatre showcases some of the top talent in music today. This partially covered arena can seat up to 15,000 music fans!

Indoor Activities

Of course, sometimes you’d prefer to head indoors! No matter the forecast outside, you’ll have a blast with these local activities in Clarkston.

  • Picasso’s Grapevine is a fun spot to kick back, relax, and create some stellar artwork. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to create a personalized masterpiece!
  • Brick It Up is a young builder’s paradise! Featuring over half a ton of Legos, kids can let their imaginations loose while constructing skyscrapers and racecars galore.
  • Fort Clarkston was built with both kids and parents in mind. While the little ones enjoy the massive play area, parents can grab food and refreshments to unwind.

Plan Your Next Visit Today!

There are countless things to do in Clarkston, and we’ve just begun to scratch the surface. If you’re ready to take the trip to our fine town, feel free to drop by! Bowman Chevy is your one-stop-shop for everything automotive, so peruse our inventory or pick up a part while you’re here. Our experts would be happy to help! Contact us for more information.

Chevrolet Tweet House Unveils The Next Big Thing In Social Media

Back in 2006, Andy Grignon had left his printed out directions for his meeting at the office and he was already en route to his destination. So he picked up his prototype phone and looked up his route on Google Maps. It was this “aha” moment when he realized that the top-secret project that would become the iPhone in 2007 would change the way people live.

Grignon was a key member of the team Steve Jobs assembled to create the iPhone, which did almost instantly revolutionize the way the world communicates. But the App Store, and even the concept of mobile gaming, weren’t part of the initial blue print for the device. These types of insights were shared by Grignon in front of a packed audience at the Chevrolet Tweet House at SXSW 2014, which was held at Mellow Johnny’s bike shop in Austin.

Grignon has teamed up with Apple alums William Bull, who designed the iPod Classic, and Jeremy Wyld, who launched iOS, iPhone and iPad; to create the next big thing in social media. He offered an exclusive sneak peek of his start-up, Eightly, at the invite-only event.

Eightly has been designed to seamlessly allow anyone – with absolutely no programming or Web site creation experience – to instantly build out interactive channels filled with photos, videos, audio and text. Grignon’s team has designed the Eightly Experience Engine, which is the foundation on which every individual’s story will be built. The key to the mainstream success of this new operating system is its use of pictures and symbols to quickly build out channels around anything, whether it’s a unique take on New Orleans Cajun cuisine via photographs or a video series that explores the latest technology innovations from Austin, TX. And it only takes minutes to achieve today what it might have taken hours or days for professionals to accomplish yesterday.

Grignon has watched social media explode – in large part because of the smartphone revolution he helped spark – as everyone instantly shares pictures, videos and thoughts with the world through outlets like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+ and Vine. But what he believes is missing from this socially connected society is true creativity. With Eightly, if you can dream it, you can bring it to life. It’s as simple as pointing and clicking to build out feature-rich, interactive experiences that celebrate every aspect of life.

Eightly fit in nicely with SXSW 2014, as start-ups in gaming, technology and new business were a key focal point for the convention. Grignon’s newest venture also connected with the dawn of 4G LTE vehicles. Chevrolet showcased a 2014 Impala, equipped with 2015 technology, that features high speed Internet, which will drive off assembly lines this summer. The ability for connected vehicles to provide passengers instant access online will allow future Eightly users to use laptops, tablets and even smartphones to share their lives through personal channels from the road.

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John G

John Gaudiosi is editorial director for shacknews.com. As a seasoned games journalists who contributes to Fortune, CNN, Money, AOL and Gamerhub.tv., John has covered the world of video games for nearly 20 years.

Rob Dyrdek Drives Chevy Sonic Backwards Off Ramp, Sets World Record

Television star and former professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek snagged another GUINNESS WORLD RECORD® this morning, nicely complementing the 21 he’s previously earned. What did he do? Oh, only an 89-foot reverse ramp jump.

In a Chevy Sonic.

The official length of the jump was 89 feet 3.25 inches and your exclusive first-look video is above.

This is the second time that Dyrdek, star of MTV’s “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” has gotten behind the wheel of a Sonic. In 2011 he performed a 360-degree kick flip. Also off a ramp.

“The Sonic is a great car for firsts,” said Dyrdek.  “I have always been a Chevy guy, so when we decided we wanted to set a Guinness World Record for the finale of “Fantasy Factory,” using the Sonic again just made sense.”

Dyrdek performed the stunt before spectators at Six Flags Magic Mountain, while MTV filmed the jump for the Season Finale of “Fantasy Factory,” set to air on March 13, 2014 at 10:30 PM ET/PT on MTV. In order to qualify for the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement, Dyrdek had to successfully land the Sonic on the catch rampand be able to drive away from the stunt. He did both.

Despite the implied madness of the stunt, safety was a priority. The Chevy Sonic offers 10 standard air bags and high-strength steel as part of its body structure, making it a strong choice for this challenge.

“We take extra care and precautions with each and every stunt we create,” said Elia Popov, owner of J.E.M. F/X Inc. “Rob is always willing to try anything once, and for this backwards jump, we felt confident that the Sonic would keep him safe.

To learn more about the Chevrolet Sonic, visit the Chevy Sonic Facebook page or follow on Twitter at @ChevyLife.

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2014 North American International Auto Show Opens to the Public

Here’s an inside look at what consumers can expect at the 2014 NAIAS by James Bell

The 2014 North American International Auto Show, also commonly known as “the Detroit auto show”, has wrapped up its media and industry preview days and now the real fun begins…the doors are open to the public!  While debuts and news from the Detroit show have been highlighted on the pages of newspapers, broadcast on radio and TV, and “glowed” on smartphone updates around the world, in many ways the real importance of this show is how it kicks off the start of 2014’s “auto show” season. From large cities like Detroit, Chicago and New York, to smaller towns like Charleston WV, Dayton OH and Kansas City, chances are there’s an auto show coming soon to your community.

An auto show is the perfect time to shop with no pressure…almost every model from almost every manufacturer (and often several trim levels of each) to peruse…plenty of time to “kick the tires”, smell the leather, and imagine how that certain new car or truck might look in front of your home.  And where it could take you.  Auto shows offer all of this and more.

CorvetteZ06Reveal09.jpgThe 2014 auto show season got off to great start for GM in Detroit, with the Silverado being named “North American Truck of the Year” and, to nobody who has driven one’s surprise, the Corvette Stingray as “North American Car of the Year.”  But in my mind, as Head of Consumer Affairs for GM, you should take time to recognize the vehicles that made up the Top 3 in each category as they are noteworthy.  On the truck/utility side, Chevrolet topped the Jeep Cherokee and high-tech Acura MDX.  When it came to cars, the Stingray was crowned the winner over the Mazda3 and Motor Trend Car of the Year-winning Cadillac CTS, but the real winners in contests like these are drivers like you.

Jump forward just a few short years, and we see a field of exciting, rewarding, and efficient vehicles to consider from these manufactures and more.  And as many of you own vehicles that meet (or exceed) the current average age of just over 11 years old, this might be a great year to go shopping.  Or better yet, get down to your local auto show!

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Like Last Year, NAIAS 2014 Delivered Excitement — And Then Some

The 2014 edition of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit provided even more excitement than last year’s show – by Mark Reuss

Think back to the 2013 North American International Auto Show… we had a very glitzy, pulse-pounding reveal of the all-new 2014 Corvette Stingray… we saw the Cadillac ATS sedan win North American Car of the Year… we introduced the all-new Cadillac ELR extended range luxury coupe… it was one remarkable show. When it was over, I was pretty sure we weren’t going to have that kind of excitement again for a long time.

Well, I was wrong.

For GM, and for me, the 2014 edition of the NAIAS in Detroit provided even more excitement than last year’s show.

GMCCanyonReveal02.jpgIt began Sunday evening when we unveiled the new 2015 GMC Canyon midsize pickup. This is a segment that has been ignored and abandoned for too long. We have not one but two outstanding new entries, with the Canyon and the Chevy Colorado, and suddenly we’re able to offer customers the best midsize pickups they can buy. I think our entries will really breathe new life into that segment.

The Canyon reveal was part of what we’ve been calling “GM Truckapalooza,” where we dramatically showed the most robust, complete lineup of trucks and full-size SUVs in the industry, from Chevrolet and GMC. No other manufacturer offers pickups from midsize to HD, and when you combine those with our brand new full-size SUVs, you have a lineup that is unmatched. Truckapalooza ended with renowned guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd delighting our guests with his wizardry, including a scorching “Voodoo Child” that would have made Jimi Hendrix proud.

And there was some more rocking on Monday morning, when Chevrolet pulled off the sweep at the North American Car and Truck of the Year AwardsCorvette Stingray and Silverado brought home the bacon for the Bow Tie, and I could not have been any prouder. It’s a true validation for all the hard work that the Corvette team and the full-size pickup teams put in on their programs.

More importantly, it’s also a validation for our customers. They buy our products, especially Corvette and Silverado, because they expect them to be the best. It helps when they see an independent panel of experts declare that they indeed are the best, and award Chevrolet the hardware to prove it. It was a special morning.


It only got better from there, believe it or not. A couple of hours later we revealed the Corvette Z06 and C7.R race car. The Z06 was delivered on a trailer from our Tech Center in Warren, in a convoy that, by the time it reached Cobo Center in downtown Detroit, consisted of 50 brand new Stingrays and a police escort. Between the camera cars and the helicopter shots, it made for some fantastic television, shown on the big video screens around the Chevrolet stand at Cobo. Another great moment, one fitting for the fastest, greatest, nastiest Corvette ever made.

CadillacATSCoupeReveal01.jpgBut we weren’t done yet. Tuesday morning Cadillac unveiled the ATS Coupe, further extending and elevating the brand. And it also revealed its new logo, refreshed, refined and updated. The Wreath and Crest becomes simply the Crest, and I think it looks fantastic, and I congratulate Cadillac on its continued evolution.

So it was a hugely successful and exciting show for us. By the time the week was over, GM had three of the top five vehicles in terms of media coverage.

Needless to say, we’re not stopping here. We’ll continue to put the customer first in everything we do, and bring out vehicle after vehicle designed to delight said customer, and make the automotive world stop and take notice.

In 2014, GM will launch 15 new or significantly updated cars, trucks and crossovers, including those full-size SUVs, the HD pickups, and the Camaro Z28. And I can’t wait for the 2015 NAIAS. The bar is very high…

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