Our Favorite Things to Do in Clarkston

Clarkston is packed with great entertainment for the whole family. From golf courses to live music to ski resorts, this city has something for everyone. But, what are the best things to do in Clarkston during your next trip? The staff at Bowman Chevy is here to provide the best tips from locals, so you can enjoy everything that Clarkston is known for. Plan your visit today!

Outdoor Excitement

Michigan is full of stunning natural beauty in any season. If you want to take advantage of the gorgeous Michigan scenery, try some of these outdoor activities!

  • Shepherd’s Hollow Golf Club is a great place to work on your swing. The rolling greens provide an unbelievable view as you play, and don’t miss out on the in-house restaurant!
  • Pine Knob Ski and Snowboard Resort is perfect for snow bunnies of all skill levels. Check out the website to view live webcams of the hill, so you can arrive when the powder is perfect.
  • DTE Energy Music Theatre showcases some of the top talent in music today. This partially covered arena can seat up to 15,000 music fans!

Indoor Activities

Of course, sometimes you’d prefer to head indoors! No matter the forecast outside, you’ll have a blast with these local activities in Clarkston.

  • Picasso’s Grapevine is a fun spot to kick back, relax, and create some stellar artwork. Just follow the step-by-step instructions to create a personalized masterpiece!
  • Brick It Up is a young builder’s paradise! Featuring over half a ton of Legos, kids can let their imaginations loose while constructing skyscrapers and racecars galore.
  • Fort Clarkston was built with both kids and parents in mind. While the little ones enjoy the massive play area, parents can grab food and refreshments to unwind.

Plan Your Next Visit Today!

There are countless things to do in Clarkston, and we’ve just begun to scratch the surface. If you’re ready to take the trip to our fine town, feel free to drop by! Bowman Chevy is your one-stop-shop for everything automotive, so peruse our inventory or pick up a part while you’re here. Our experts would be happy to help! Contact us for more information.


Discover the Top Restaurants in Clarkston

If you’re heading into Clarkston, you’re in for a real treat! Clarkston has tons of great food even the pickiest eaters. Whether you’re craving barbecue ribs or Latin street food, you’ll find the meal of your life right here in Michigan. The staff at Bowman Chevy knows the food of this town inside and out, so we’re pleased to present our top restaurants in Clarkston. Whet your appetite with descriptions of some of the most delicious stops in the Midwest, then stop by for a visit!

Amazing Restaurants

When you’re in the mood for a full meal, head to one of these eateries for a satisfying lunch or dinner.

  • Union Woodshop is one of the prides of Clarkston. This local favorite produces some of the most heavenly barbecue you’ve ever tasted, and the restaurant was even featured on Food Network. Try the legendary Porker sandwich and make room for the butterscotch pudding!
  • If you’re in the mood for Italian, then Via Bologna is the place for you. This charming bistro feels more like rustic Italy than the heart of the Midwest, and the extensive menu is bursting with Mediterranean flavors. From salads to pastas to pizza, there’s something for every palette!
  • Clarkston Union Bar & Kitchen serves handcrafted American comfort food that will knock your socks off. Don’t miss out on the award-winning mac and cheese!


Scrumptious Snacks

If you just need a quick pick-me-up, try some of the stellar delis and cafes around the Clarkston area.

  • The Old Village Café is the perfect spot for a cup of coffee and a great conversation. You can stay for lunch, but we recommend trying the delectable breakfast options to start your morning right.
  • Honcho Latin Street Food & Coffee offers incredible Latin food with a twist, along with coffee and cocktails! The vegetarian- and kid-friendly menu is perfect for any appetite.
  • The Royal Diner is a local diner with a lot of heart. The locals can’t get enough of the extensive menu, and your coffee cup will never run dry. Plus, it’s open 24/7!


Plan a Trip to Clarkston Today!

Now that you know the top restaurants in Clarkston, it’s time to schedule your visit! While you’re in the neighborhood, feel free to stop by Bowman Chevy to peruse our gorgeous inventory. Contact us today to schedule your test drive!

Get Inside the Gorgeous Corvette Stingray Interior

Everyone knows that the Corvette Stingray delivers an adrenaline-pumping performance with classic muscle car styling, but don’t let these impressive features overshadow the gorgeous Corvette Stingray interior! Between the luxurious materials and the state-of-the-art technology, the Stingray cabin is a feat of modern engineering. While decadent features and opulent accents are standard across all trims, Corvette models also provide plenty of options to personalize your cabin to your precise specifications. From perforated Napa leather to suede microfiber insets, you can really make your car a reflection of your personality. Visit Bowman Chevy to get to get to know the stunning Corvette Stingray interior up close and in person.

Luxe Materials

2017-corvette-gallery-interior-1The Corvette brand is famous for impeccable craftsmanship, so you can expect only the best materials available for the Corvette Stingray interior. The cockpit was designed to make any driver feel like a world-class racer. The flat-bottom steering wheel creates that racetrack-ready feel that auto enthusiasts crave, and the optional Competition bucket seats keep you secure while steering through those tight corners. Plus, you have tons of unique design options to really personalize the look of your cabin. From gray Mulan leather seating to available jet-black leather with suede microfiber inserts, you’ll rule the roads in style.

Cutting-Edge Technology

2017-corvette-gallery-interior-4The gorgeous looks of the Corvette Stingray interior aren’t just for show. Corvette also integrated the cabin with state-of-the-art technology to create a futuristic driving experience. Review high-definition video footage of your best lap on the track, or turn your Corvette into a mobile hotspot while you go on a weekend getaway. This powerhouse can do it all. Check out features like:

  • OnStar 4G LTE with built-in Wi-Fi hotspot
  • SiriusXM Satellite Radio
  • Oil life monitoring system
  • Available Performance Data Recorder with Navigation
  • Available Head-Up Display

Test Drive Your Dream Car at Bowman Chevy

If you’re intrigued by the Corvette Stingray interior, then you owe it to yourself to get behind the wheel at Bowman Chevy! While the Stingray is impressive on paper, its style and quality are simply unbelievable in person. Contact us for more information about our lineup in the Village of Clarkston, or apply for financing in advance! We look forward to introducing you to this modern classic.


OnStar 4G LTE

OnStarThere was a time when the notion of having internet inside one’s vehicle ranked right up there with the idea of flying cars—it was the stuff of science fiction. Those days are long gone now, however, and internet connectivity inside vehicles is becoming commonplace. Many Chevy models, for instance, are now equipped with wireless internet capabilities through OnStar 4G LTE.

Powered by OnStar

When an automobile is equipped with wireless internet through OnStar, accessing it as simple as turning on the vehicle. Once the car is on, the OnStar mobile hotspot is available and ready for use, and passengers inside the vehicle can connect their devices and begin using the Internet.

OnStar’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi offers a robust signal, which means those using the internet inside the vehicle can enjoy a fast and reliable connection. The problem of a mobile device’s battery running down due to producing a hotspot is a worry no more, since the OnStar hotspot is powered the vehicle rather than a phone or other wireless device.

Ultimate Safety and Convenience

The presence of OnStar’s 4G LTE Wi-Fi capability gives new meaning to the term “mobile office,” as it enables businesspeople to stay in touch on the go like never before. If you’re traveling and suddenly realize you forgot to turn in a report or reply to an important email, resolving the problem is now as easy as pulling over and firing up your laptop or tablet.

Other benefits are also available when you have OnStar onboard your vehicle, including the capability of SOS emergency services, navigation services, advanced vehicle diagnostics services, and more.

Experience the Power of OnStar

Drivers can explore an array of vehicles that come equipped with OnStar 4G LTE at Bowman Chevrolet. Stop by our showroom, located at 6750 Dixie Hwy. in Clarkston, or contact us today to learn more about OnStar services and the vehicles we have in stock that are equipped with this state-of-the-art technology. When you’ve identified the OnStar-equipped vehicles you’re interested in, a member of our team will be glad to answer all of your questions about those vehicles and then set you up on a test drive of each. Stop in and see us today!

Key Spark Plug Warning Signs to Remember

Spark PlugsIf you want to care for your car properly, it’s important to learn the spark plug warning signs to prevent bigger problems down the line. Our service department at Bowman Chevy can help you understand your vehicle better and fix any spark plug mishaps along the way. Keep reading to see if any of the following warning signs apply to your vehicle, and then come to our service center for a thorough inspection from our experts. You can also book your appointment with us online, available for use 24/7.

Engine Problems

If you feel the engine stumbling when you try to turn it on, then this is what is known as an “engine misfire.” This common spark plug malfunction is something that our service department can fix easily. Do not delay when it comes to this simple repair! Misfiring increases exhaust emissions, lowers your fuel economy average, and diminishes engine power. If the engine is having a hard time turning on at all, this could also be from spark plug deterioration. The best thing to do is talk to our experts to really pinpoint the issue.

Lessened Acceleration

When your vehicle has noticeably weaker acceleration, it is likely that it needs new spark plugs. A dead spark plug makes the engine think it is overworked, which hinders performance. This is another simple fix for our mechanics.

Heavy Fuel Usage

Are you noticing a change in fuel economy? Eroding spark plugs could be the culprit. Fuel doesn’t combust properly when the spark plugs are worn, since the plug electrodes may shift. Save your wallet from unnecessary trips to the gas station and visit our service department.

Hard Idling

Damaged or old spark plugs will make the car feel jittery. You will feel the car stutter harshly, even while completely stationary. Make sure to bring in your car when you begin to notice these warning signs. If you don’t replace the spark plugs, your engine will undergo even further damage that can be much more expensive.

Let Bowman Chevy Handle Spark Plugs

You deserve a vehicle that runs in pristine condition. Come visit our service department at Bowman Chevy today! We can detect and correct spark plug warning signs. We will also examine your vehicle for any other possible issues. Contact us online for any questions.