Cold Weather Maintenance Tips

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The frigid winters of Detroit and Waterford can be daunting even for the most experienced driver, but our cold weather maintenance tips will ensure that you stay safe all season long. From our favorite winter car accessories to our favorite winterizing services, we’ve got tried-and-true tips that will improve your driving experience tremendously.


Taking Care of Tires

Good tire care is the key to maintaining a safe and secure ride during the snowy months. One of the most important things to check regularly is your air pressure. Cold weather causes your tires to lose pressure quickly, so be sure to grab your gauge every month to double check your inflation. Not sure what your pressure should be? Check inside the door frame or inside your glove box. Now is also a good time to consider shopping for winter tires for extra traction!

Checking Your Components

Winter weather can be tough on your car’s components, so be sure to keep an eye on the following:

  • Monitor your windshield for any small cracks. As you turn on the heater, your windshield can flex and make the tiniest cracks grow.
  • Watch your wipers. Flip them up in the cold to prevent them from freezing to the windshield, and consider getting a winter set of wipers for ice and snow.
  • Check your battery. If it’s been 5 years or longer since your purchase, get a replacement. Dead batteries are a major cause of car trouble in the cold.

Driving Like a Pro

Learning how to winterize your car is only half the battle. It’s also important to learn how to drive carefully in the cold. For example, you should warm up your vehicle before hitting the road, but there’s no need to burn off half a tank of gas. Experts recommend warming up for a few minutes to get the car lubricated and the engine primed. Additionally, be sure to check your gas levels. A full tank will prevent moisture-laden air from freezing and causing issues inside the car.

Get Quality Winterize Car Services at Bowman Chevy

If you’re interested in a few car services to winterize your vehicle before the worst of winter, or to learn how to prevent car theft, contact us at Bowman Chevy in Clarkston. You can even schedule your service online!