Are You and Your Off-Road Truck Ready for Action?

Colorado with Bikes in back

Owning an off-road truck is adventurous and exciting, but a few key tips will get you ready to roll safely and without damaging your truck.

Off-Road Driving

Know Your Vehicle’s Capabilities

Study up on your traction control, 4WD high and low systems, and locking differential. You need to understand when you need more torque, more speed, and your wheels spinning at the same rate.

Check Your Tires

Are you going to be driving in muddy, sandy, or rocky terrain? Double check with the experts to make sure your tires will give you the right traction and when you’ll need to adjust your traction control setting. And if you plan on water fording, assess the situation first. Know how deep it is and what’s underneath the surface.

Be Prepared

Carry some basics, like water, food, a fire extinguisher, snatch straps, tow strap, winch, snorkel, and a first aid kit. Think your game plan through, and stock up on what you might need if you need to recover from a tough situation.

Ask the Experts

The knowledgeable team at Bowman Chevy in Clarkston can help answer all your questions about all-wheel-drive vehicles and the benefits of roadside assistance, too. Stop in and see us anytime! We’re near Detroit and Waterford.