Why Are Tire Rotations Important?

Stack of tires

Rotating your tires is probably not a chore you think about too often, and there’s no alert or warning light to remind you to do it. Why are tire rotations important? Because doing it consistently prolongs the life of your tires and helps keep you and your passengers safe.

Listen to the Recommendations

Take a moment to check your manual to see how often you should be rotating your tires and what the rotation pattern should be. Then, put a calendar alert in your phone or write yourself a reminder. Great! You’ve just taken a big step toward keeping your tires healthy and in good condition. Experts recommend rotating your tires regularly to help maintain even treads on all four tires. That’s important for several reasons:

  • Your ride is smooth and comfortable, with minimal vibrations.
  • The suspension components take less abuse because of the smoother ride.
  • Gas mileage is better when your car is running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Regular tire checks help spot minor issues before they become big problems, which can save you money and major headaches.

What Happens if You Don’t Rotate Your Tires?

Your tires will begin to wear unevenly if you don’t rotate your tires, and this is shown in variations in the tread depth. You (or your service professional) can measure the tread depth in several spots on each tire, and if there are some big differences, then your tires are not wearing properly. An example of this is called “tread feathering.” Tread feathering is quite common, and you can feel it just by touching your tires. If the blocks have sharp edges on one side and rounded edges on the other, then you know that your tires should have already been rotated.

Your front tires also wear out differently than your rear tires, which happens because of the different demands placed on them. That’s why rotating your tires so they work in both the front and back positions helps them last longer and even out their wear.

If your tires are wearing unevenly, you can actually hear and feel more vibrations and road noise, especially on the steering wheel. Pay attention if you notice these symptoms, and take your car in for a tire rotation.

Schedule Your Next Tire Rotation

Tire rotations aren’t just important, they’re vital to the life of your tires. Schedule your vehicle’s next tire rotation at Bowman Chevy’s service department, where we’ll take good care of your tires and whatever else you need. Contact us now to get your tires in tip top shape!

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