Key Spark Plug Warning Signs to Remember

Spark PlugsIf you want to care for your car properly, it’s important to learn the spark plug warning signs to prevent bigger problems down the line. Our service department at Bowman Chevy can help you understand your vehicle better and fix any spark plug mishaps along the way. Keep reading to see if any of the following warning signs apply to your vehicle, and then come to our service center for a thorough inspection from our experts. You can also book your appointment with us online, available for use 24/7.

Engine Problems

If you feel the engine stumbling when you try to turn it on, then this is what is known as an “engine misfire.” This common spark plug malfunction is something that our service department can fix easily. Do not delay when it comes to this simple repair! Misfiring increases exhaust emissions, lowers your fuel economy average, and diminishes engine power. If the engine is having a hard time turning on at all, this could also be from spark plug deterioration. The best thing to do is talk to our experts to really pinpoint the issue.

Lessened Acceleration

When your vehicle has noticeably weaker acceleration, it is likely that it needs new spark plugs. A dead spark plug makes the engine think it is overworked, which hinders performance. This is another simple fix for our mechanics.

Heavy Fuel Usage

Are you noticing a change in fuel economy? Eroding spark plugs could be the culprit. Fuel doesn’t combust properly when the spark plugs are worn, since the plug electrodes may shift. Save your wallet from unnecessary trips to the gas station and visit our service department.

Hard Idling

Damaged or old spark plugs will make the car feel jittery. You will feel the car stutter harshly, even while completely stationary. Make sure to bring in your car when you begin to notice these warning signs. If you don’t replace the spark plugs, your engine will undergo even further damage that can be much more expensive.

Let Bowman Chevy Handle Spark Plugs

You deserve a vehicle that runs in pristine condition. Come visit our service department at Bowman Chevy today! We can detect and correct spark plug warning signs. We will also examine your vehicle for any other possible issues. Contact us online for any questions.

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