Tips for Car Detailing Like the Pros

Soapy SpongeYour car deserves the very best, so take a look at these tips for car detailing just like the professionals. Our service center recommends regular detailing to maintain the good looks of your vehicle, along with regular mechanic service to keep your car in great shape. Explore our expert tips for DIY detailing, or make your appointment with the Bowman Chevy service center for a professional touch.

Our Top Ten Tips

What should you pay attention to while detailing at home?

  • Take one section of the car at a time. Start with the exterior one day and try the interior the next day. It’s best to take your time for the finest results. Don’t hop back and forth between areas, but really concentrate on every section individually.
  • When you are ready to move to the car interior, use an air compressor to move all the dirt and crumbs to the middle of the carpets. Vacuum the dirt, and then pull the carpets out and scrub them with stiff brushes to loosen more debris.
  • Make sure to have a portable air compressor to clean vents and the air filter. Dust is one of the top culprits for unpleasant car odors, so this can really improve your ambiance.
  • Clean your tires with a non-acid cleanser. Acid cleansers harm your wheels! You should also clean the tires with a degreaser, but not a detergent. Also, make sure to work on tires and wheels before you clean the rest of the car’s paint.
  • Your car looks great after a classic hand wash! Only use a solution meant for cars. Dry it off with a squeegee to prevent water spots.
  • Use a paint-cleaning clay to make the car’s surface smooth again. After the wash and dry, you can run your hands along the car’s body. If there are rough spots, then your car will benefit from a little TLC.
  • Make your car ultra-shiny with an oscillating buffer. There are many kits on the market for DIY detailers.
  • Use a paint-protecting wax to guard your car from the elements: UV rays, dirt, and more. Usually cars only need two good coats.
  • In between waxes, we recommend a liquid wax spray to touch up spots.
  • Glass should be the last cleaning step! Buff and clean with a microfiber cloth.

Bring Your Vehicle to Bowman Chevy!

After reading our pro tips for car detailing, you may feel ready to spruce up your vehicle’s appearance. But, if you have a few questions, get expert service from our mechanic center. Come to Bowman Chevy today for a consultation with our service department. Contact us online and we’ll get in touch!

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