New Year’s Resolutions

We all make them, but we ranew-years-resolutions-quotesrely keep them. As you kick off 2017, you are bound to make some resolutions for yourself – typically in hopes of bettering your behaviors in some way. However, this year, instead of trying to lose 50 pounds in a month, start by trying to establish some more realistic goals. Setting some basic car maintenance expectations for yourself can be a fantastic way to ring in the New Year, and a resolution you may be able to keep! Here are some helpful hints!

  1. Keep your vehicle clean. Take all unnecessary things out of your trunk. Organize the things that do need to stay in your vehicle – get a car caddy for all of your loose ends. Cash in your spare change that has been left under your seats or in your ashtrays. Vacuum your carpets and spray down your rubber floor mats. Drive through a car wash or wash it yourself. A clean car makes for a fresh start to the New Year!
  2. Perform routine maintenance checks. Every month, or more often if you so choose, check your car’s vitals. Make sure the tire pressure is acceptable – you can find your tires’ maximum PSI on the tire itself. Check your oil – ensure that you are not due for an oil change. Make sure all of your fluids are full and up to date – you would not want to be stuck after a snow storm with salt residue on your windshield and no washer fluid.
  3. Schedule your next oil change. There is no time like the present – you can schedule your next oil change now! Maintaining your oil health is very important to keeping your car running smoothly. Rest assured that our experienced Lube Technicians will take care of you. Make your next oil change now; call one of our helpful Customer Care Specialists at 248.620.3080 and let them assist you!
  4. Be a better driver. Vow to yourself that you will no longer text and drive. Avoid talking on the phone unless it is a hands-free call. Keep your road rage under control and try to eliminate aggression whilst driving. Remaining calm on the roads makes a safer driving environment for everyone. Get informed – visit the following website for more information on the terrible dangers of texting while driving:
  5. Treat yourself. Is your car getting old and you are just not happy with it? Maybe it’s time to consider getting a new vehicle! Have our sales team assess the equity in your current vehicle – Bowman Chevrolet is happy to give you a vehicle estimate in our service lane free of charge! These estimates show you what your current vehicle is worth and how easy it can be to purchase a new one. If you would like to meet with one of our sales professionals to discuss your options, feel free to give us a call at 248.575.5000.


We all know that it is hard to stick to resolutions, but it doesn’t have to be! Make resolutions that you can keep this year. Take our advice and make these resolutions for yourself!




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