Polar Vortex Heats Up the OnStar RemoteLink Application

As temperatures drop, users turn to connected car features from the comfort of their own homes and offices – Article by Phil Abram

For much of North America, the polar vortex slammed us with record setting extreme temperatures, snow and ice. But weather records were not the only ones being broken.

The frigid temperatures prompted tens of thousands of OnStar RemoteLink app users to pull out their smartphones and start their vehicles from the comfort of their warm homes and offices. January 7, 2014 marked a record 200,000 RemoteLink application transactions with over 19,000 in one hour!

While people across the country layered on coats, hats, gloves and boots, and labored in the cold weather to clean snow and ice off their cars, a record number of savvy OnStar subscribers poured themselves another cup of coffee knowing their cars were warming up for them.

Polar Vortex Tweet saying 'It was -8 degrees out tonight. Good thing the OnStar app was able to remote start my car before I left work. #technology (posted by Arica Kress @AricaKress)All week long, our subscribers took to social media to tell us how much they love their RemoteLink smartphone apps.  One of my favorites, Chevrolet Equinox owner Angie Johnson said simply, “Seriously one of the best things ever. EVER. The end. @OnStar #babyitswaybeyondcoldoutside”

@pastorswife2415 on Twitter states

I may be biased, Angie, but I would tend to agree!  That’s why last year, we began offering select features of our RemoteLink smartphone app (like remote start, lock and unlock) for five years with the purchase of a new vehicles, no additional subscription required.  This is yet another example of the benefits of a “connected car” that we continue to offer to our customers.  Having recently relocated from Santa Barbara, Calif. to Detroit, I can wholeheartedly say that the ability to remotely start your car in the winter is one of those things.

According to the National Weather Service, the wrath of the polar vortex may not be over yet.  Another line of winter storms is expected to affect millions in the Mid-Atlantic to Northeast regions this week, bringing arctic temperatures and heavy snowfall from Washington, D.C. to Boston.  There’s even a chance the upcoming cold could rival what we saw earlier this month. If you haven’t already, now would be a great time to download the RemoteLink application and enjoy the benefits of owning a vehicle connected by OnStar.

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