2014 North American International Auto Show Opens to the Public

Here’s an inside look at what consumers can expect at the 2014 NAIAS by James Bell

The 2014 North American International Auto Show, also commonly known as “the Detroit auto show”, has wrapped up its media and industry preview days and now the real fun begins…the doors are open to the public!  While debuts and news from the Detroit show have been highlighted on the pages of newspapers, broadcast on radio and TV, and “glowed” on smartphone updates around the world, in many ways the real importance of this show is how it kicks off the start of 2014’s “auto show” season. From large cities like Detroit, Chicago and New York, to smaller towns like Charleston WV, Dayton OH and Kansas City, chances are there’s an auto show coming soon to your community.

An auto show is the perfect time to shop with no pressure…almost every model from almost every manufacturer (and often several trim levels of each) to peruse…plenty of time to “kick the tires”, smell the leather, and imagine how that certain new car or truck might look in front of your home.  And where it could take you.  Auto shows offer all of this and more.

CorvetteZ06Reveal09.jpgThe 2014 auto show season got off to great start for GM in Detroit, with the Silverado being named “North American Truck of the Year” and, to nobody who has driven one’s surprise, the Corvette Stingray as “North American Car of the Year.”  But in my mind, as Head of Consumer Affairs for GM, you should take time to recognize the vehicles that made up the Top 3 in each category as they are noteworthy.  On the truck/utility side, Chevrolet topped the Jeep Cherokee and high-tech Acura MDX.  When it came to cars, the Stingray was crowned the winner over the Mazda3 and Motor Trend Car of the Year-winning Cadillac CTS, but the real winners in contests like these are drivers like you.

Jump forward just a few short years, and we see a field of exciting, rewarding, and efficient vehicles to consider from these manufactures and more.  And as many of you own vehicles that meet (or exceed) the current average age of just over 11 years old, this might be a great year to go shopping.  Or better yet, get down to your local auto show!

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