2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28: The Most Track-Capable Camaro Ever

First introduced in 1967, the Camaro Z/28, Chevy’s most iconic model in Camaro history, has returned for 2014. The all-new Z/28 features a full aerodynamics package that creates downforce, which helps make it the most track-capable offering in Camaro’s history by enhancing vehicle dynamics. This results in improved traction, braking, cornering speed and overall performance.

While most cars are inherently designed with lift at speed because of the focus on fuel economy, the Z/28 required us to find a way to manage the airflow over and around the vehicle to optimize the vehicle performance. We achieved it, by aerodynamically designing it for downforce, which generates a downward force on the vehicle as the air flows underneath, on the sides and over the top of the vehicle.

2014 Chevrolet CamaroThe Camaro Z/28 is solely focused on track performance and capability. It’s going to appeal to the person who wants to drive their car extremely quickly around a racetrack – and enthusiastically on winding roads.

The Z/28’s capability and performance inspires confidence through every section on the track, from the straightaway, to the curves. The downforce allows the vehicle to be driven with much more speed through every corner.

Every one of the Z/28’s exterior elements has a purpose of enhancing performance, and the way it manages airflow helps it stick to the track to make it fast and stable. In fact, the aerodynamic design helped the Camaro Z/28 log a lap on Germany’s legendary Nürburgring road course that was four seconds faster than the Camaro ZL1’s, and beat published times for the Porsche 911 Carrera S and the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.

We’re all excited for the arrival of the Z/28, which along with the January 2014 debut of the 2015 Corvette Z06, will complete Chevy’s performance-car lineup. Other additions include the Corvette Stingray convertible and SS sedan.

Check out a few photos of the Z/28 in the gallery below, and be on the lookout for updates when the Z/28 arrives in dealerships next spring – just in time for the 2014 racing season!

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tom frolingTom Froling is the lead development engineer – Aerodynamics and has worked for General Motors for 30 years. Tom has aerodynamic development and integration experience on Corvette, Camaro, Advanced Electric and Hybrid ATW and Learning Vehicles, Race Cars, Land Speed Record Bonneville E85 Cobalt along with several other vehicle programs. Tom has accumulated nearly 10,000 hours in various wind tunnels, primarily at GM’s wind tunnel in Warren. Tom spent 25 years in the Air National Guard component of the Reserves as a fighter pilot and is a combat veteran.


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