Meet Allison!

Allison Richards Bowman ChevyAllison Richards is one of our new car salespeople and a fun addition to our Bowman team. Allison joined the Bowman team in October of 2010 and finds that selling cars gives her a “platform for which to serve people.” Allison is a unique soul who speaks fluent Spanish, loves to sing, travels internationally… and, in her “spare time” does mission work, photography and is the maid of honor in her sister’s upcoming wedding. Alison’s desk is decorated with Thank You letters and pictures from her life as well as fun books like her antique “Yuppie Handbook.”

When you sit down with Allison her true nature shows and it isn’t hard to see that she sets people at ease. In her job at Bowman, Allison enjoys meeting folks from all walks of life and especially enjoys helping first time buyers and people with disabilities. She believes her background and education in counseling helps her to use active listening skills and understand what her customers truly want and need when purchasing a vehicle.

One of Allison’s favorite things about being a salesperson is that she gets to meet new people every day. She knows that their experience is not about her; it is about them so she works hard on her customers’ behalf. Allison has developed quite a knowledge of the auto industry and is proud of Bowman Chevrolet specifically, but also GM as a brand and Detroit as a city for making the auto industry a place that can not only survive, but come back thriving.

Allison came to Bowman on a recommendation from her pastor who knew Bowman was looking to hire a bilingual salesperson. Growing up around the corner, Allison never thought she would be working at Bowman Chevrolet, but after her interview she found herself a member of the team. After her training, Allison called a friend and practiced her skills on him, which turned into her first sale. Now, almost three years later, Allison has found a home with Bowman.

So the next time you are considering a new car, or you just want to sit at Allison’s desk and thumb through “The Yuppie Handbook,” stop in and ask for Allison. You will be happy that you did!

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2 thoughts on “Meet Allison!

  1. My wife and I bought a new car from Allison some years ago she’s awesome! And we always get courtesy calls from her asking if everything is OK and if there is anything she can do she’s a true professional and just a nice person.

  2. After checking out a few dealers I bought my truck from Allison, she did a fantastic job making sure things went smooth, and she still does follow up making sure things are good..

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