Proud to Celebrate Women in Business

In January 2013, Bowman Chevrolet sponsored the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce “Women In Business” (WIB) series.

The WIB series consists of four luncheon events with different themes, sponsors and locations. Our team had no idea what we were getting into, but, as a women-owned dealership, we were thrilled to participate in this wonderful opportunity.
Women who work at Bowman Chevrolet
Did you know that less than 5% of GM dealerships are owned by women? This can make car buying and vehicle servicing seem like a “man’s world.” The WIB events helped our team to connect with women in the community and allowed these women to see through to the heart of our dealership. We were surprised and honored by the response we received through the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce and our community. What an inspiration!

540102_10151385782552568_29637670_nThe Chamber did a phenomenal job bringing in speakers with many different messages and it was a great chance to network.  We offered a gift to all attendees so we could show everyone how much we appreciated their attendance. It was fun to come up with clever giveaways each month based on the unique themes – such as our “Busy Bee” chocolate covered strawberries which were a big hit.

Today we embrace our final Women In Business event at Oakhurst Country Club, and we look forward to the “Be the Best You – Creative and Healthy” theme with local speaker and entrepreneur Cathy Shap.

Thank You to the Clarkston Chamber of Commerce for allowing us to be a part of these events and Thank You to our wonderful community for welcoming us as a “Women In Business” leader. We look forward to supporting the series next year!

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Bowman Chevrolet is proud to serve the Clarkston, Michigan area with a wide selection of new and used Chevrolet vehicles. Browse our new Chevrolet and used inventory, research financing options, or request a quote. 

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